Documentation – Advanced Custom Fields Integration

WP Go Maps Pro add-on version 8 and above support 3rd party marker integration.

3rd Party integrated markers are also supported through ToolSet / WooCommerce, for products with a physical location.

Integrated markers will use the page title and link to populate the respective marker data.

Integrated markers are fully compatible with our Store Locator and Marker Listing features.

The following documentation shows how to aggregate and display Advanced Custom Fields locations on a WP Go Maps map.


The following plugins are required for Advanced Custom Fields integration

  • WP Go Maps >= 8.0.0
  • WP Go Maps – Pro add-on >= 8.0.0
  • Advanced Custom Fields


Create ACF Field

Please firstly navigate to ACF’s Custom Fields page and click Add New.

In this example, we create a field group for Pages

Choose Google Map as the field type.

Remember to save your new Custom Field.

Create a page for your custom field location

Navigate to the Pages menu on your WordPress dashboard and click Add New.

From the page editor, you can specify your Custom Field location.

Once you have added your location, please remember to save the page.

Create a page for your map

Create a second page for your WP Go Maps map. Add your map to the page.

Enable ACF integration on your map

Please navigate to Maps -> Edit -> Advanced Settings.

Then click Save Map to save your settings.


Your Advanced Custom Fields locations will now be visible on the front end on your WP Go Maps map.

The integrated marker has a link back to the page this ACF location was created on, and will pull it’s title from the page title.

Importing Integrated Markers

The above tutorial shows how to display your markers dynamically, pulling the data in real time from an integration source.

If you want to import your data to work on it within our plugin, as opposed to dynamically integrating the markers, please go to Maps -> Advanced.

From here you can import markers from a 3rd party source.

Please note at present there is no way to export your markers back to the source from which they originated.

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