Visitor Generated Marker Add-on – Changelog

This article covers the changelog for WP Google Maps VGM Add-on.


3.00 – 2017-01


  • New Feature:  Auto-Complete Added to User Form
  • Bug Fix: Right Clicking on Polygon now add’s marker to map
  • Bug Fix: Changed jQuery event from ‘document ready’ to ‘window load’ as this was causing issues with the JS
  • Moved the settings into its own tab within the map builder
  • Created a shortcode that allows the separation of the HTML form and the map
  • You can now disable the display of the VGM form by using disable_vgm_form=’1′ within the shortcode (handy when having the VGM form and map on separate page)
  • Added a notice that informs a user that their markers have been added and that it will be pending approval (relevant to the appropriate setting)
  • The map will now center and zoom in on a users marker once it has been added (and the auto approval setting is enabled)


2.8 – 2016-07-15 – Medium priority


  • Removed the saved email address from within the localized JS array on the front end
  • New Feature:  Mobile touch/tap support added. Users can now add a marker from there mobile device (Device less than 1000px)


2.7 – 2016-01-07 – Low priority


  • Settings bug fix


2.6 – 2015-  – Low priority


  • Rocketscript fix (Cloudfare)



  • New feature: You can now choose if you want to be notified via email of new user submitted markers


2.4 2015-01-27


  •  Added the ability for users to right click on the map to add a marker – and to drag it
  •  Added an option to enable/disable auto-approval of visitor generated markers


2.3 2014-11-04

  • User generated markers must now be approved before being put live
  • Bug fixes


2.2 2014-09-29


  • Fixed the bug that wasnt saving categories for user generated markers
  • Code improvements (PHP warnings)



  • Code improvements (PHP warnings)



  • Code improvements
  • Users can now upload images with their markers


1.9 Small bug fix



  • Fixed a conflict with the NextGen plugin



  •  Fixed an error output bug



  • Fixed a bug that stopped you from selecting “registered users”



  • JS now included in it’s own file and not in-line
  • Users can now select a category for their marker – you also have the option to enable or disable this
  • Coming soon:
    •  Ability for users to add images
    •  Ability for users to add icons



  •  Added user access roles (Who can add markers)



  • This version allows the plugin to update itself moving forward



  • Fixed a bug that was stopping the plugin from working on IIS servers



  • Fixed a bug whereby users that weren’t logged in couldnt add a marker


  •  Released: 28 August 2012


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