Gold Cluster Add-On – Changelog

This article covers the changelog for WP Google Maps Gold Add-on.


4.03 – 2017-01-19

  • Added KML importer functionality (still in beta)



  • Added full screen control support
  • Added Near-Vicinity Marker Control
  • Added Clustering Global Options


4.01 – 2016-10-21 – Medium Priority

  • Fixed a JS error in the map editor


4.00 – 2016-06-27

  • Real time location tracking enabled
  • Moved the menu into a tab within the map editor
  • Marker clustering icons fixed


3.33 – 2016-04-04

  • Fixed a bug that caused the theme to not display on the front-end


3.32 – 2016-01-07 – High priority

  • Fixed a bug that caused the map to not display with the new versions of the basic and pro (theme issue)
  • Removed map styling/theme functionality as it is now defaulted in the basic version
  • SSL bug fix


3.31 – 2015-09-07 – High priority

  • Fixed a bug that caused the filtering of markers to not work correctly when mass marker support was enabled
  • Fixed bugs in the map editor
  • New map widget functionality
  • Refactored some of the JS code to ensure it is in line with the latest Pro version


3.30 – 2015-08-20 – High priority

  • Fixed a bug that broke the map editor within WordPress 4.3



  • PHP Notices fixed
  • Database option now works in Gold
  • Retina marker settings are now applied in the back end map editor
  • Retina marker custom sizes are now supported in the back end


  • Right click to add marker bug fixed
  • PHP Notices fixed


3.27 – Low priority update

  • Changed update URL


  • Fixed approve marker bug



  • Added support for the new marker pull method



  • Approving of VGM markers bug fixed



  • Fixed bug that copied one map style to another map style if there is more than one map on a page
  • Multiple category per marker support functionality added



  • Code improvement



  • Small bug fixes & code improvement



  • Added the option to select which API version you would like to use



  • Added weather, cloud and transit layer



  • Small bug fix



  • Compatible with basic version 6



  • Fixed small bug with resetting select boxes within the add marker section



  • Fixed a bug that stopped you from deleting polylines in the Gold add-on
  • All front end JS is now included in it’s own file



  • Added a check to see if the Google Maps API was already loaded to avoid duplicate loading
  • Fixed the mouse scroll wheel bug
  • Fixed some SSL bugs
  • Advanced marker list now updates with category drop down selection


  • Fixed a small bug with the categories


  • Added category functionality
  • Fixed a click bug with the marker listing


  • You can now show your visitors location on the map
  • Added polygon functionality
  • Added polyline functionality
  • Markers can now be sorted by id,title,description or address
  • Added better support for jQuery versions
  • Adjusted the KML functionality to avoid caching
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the advanced marker listing from working



  • Fixed a bug that didnt allow for multiple clicks on the marker list to bring the view back to the map



  • Fixed a dataTables bug



  • This version allows the plugin to update itself moving forward



  • Added troubleshooting support



  • Fixed some small bugs    



  • Fixed a IE9 display bug
  • Added support for jQuery1.9+
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added support for one-page-style themes.



  • Fixed bug whereby you couldnt disable mass marker support


  • Added responsive size functionality
  • You can now enable and disable mass marker support
  • Added support code for the new WP Google Maps User Generated Markers plugin
  • Added the option for a more advanced way to list your markers below your maps
  • Added support for Fusion Tables



  • Fixed the bug that caused the directions box to show above the map by default
  • Fixed the bug whereby an address was already hard-coded into the “To” field of the directions box
  • Fixed the bug that caused the traffic layer to show by default


  • Added the functionality to list your markers below your map
  • Added more advanced directions functionality
  • Fixed small bugs
  • Fixed a bug that caused a fatal error when trying to activate the plugin on some hosts.


  • Plugin now supports multiple maps on one page (there is a known issue on the Gold add-on that shows another maps markers on the map your are on when using the zoom in/out function. I am working on this.
  • Bicycle directions now added
  • Walking directions now added
  • “Avoid tolls” now added to the directions functionality
  • “Avoid highways” now added to directions functionality
  • New setting: open links in a new window
  • Added functionality to reset the default marker image if required.


  • Fixed the bug that was causing both the bicycle layer and traffic layer to show all the time


  • Added traffic layer
  • Added bicycle layer


  • Added additional map settings
  • Added support for KML/GeoRSS layers.


  • Markers now automatically close when you click on another marker.
  • Russian localization added
  • The “To” field in the directions box now shows the address and not the GPS co-ords.


  • Added support for localization


  • Fixed the bug that caused slow loading times with sites that contain a high number of maps and markers


  • Added functionality for ‘Titles’ for each marker


  • Added functionality for WordPress MU


  • Added Map Alignment functionality
  • Added Map Type functionality
  • Started using the Geocoding API Version 3  instead of Version 2 – quicker results!
  • Fixed bug that didnt import animation data for CSV files
  • fixed zoom bug


  • Added support for advanced styling
  • Fixed a few bugs with the jQuery script
  • Fixed the shortcode bug where the map wasnt displaying when two or more short codes were one the post/page
  • Fixed a bug that wouldnt save the icon on editing a marker in some instances

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