Custom Fields

This article documents the Custom Fields features that ship with the WP Go Maps Pro add-on, version 7 and above.

Custom Fields are also supported by our Visitor Generated Markers add-on.

Custom Fields can be used to store and collect data, and they can also be used in conjunction with marker filtering.

Getting Started

To create a Custom Field, please to to Maps → Custom Fields.

From the Custom Fields page, you can add a new custom field. In this example, we’ll add a field named “Main Attraction” and choose an icon for the field.

Click “Add” to add the new field.

Click “Save” to save your Custom Fields.

Now navigate to Maps → Edit on any of your maps, and go to the Marker panel. Your “Main Attraction” Custom Field is available from here.

Let’s create a few markers and add some Custom Field data to each one.

For this example we’ve added three markers at three popular Zoo’s with “Main Attraction” set as Lions, Tigers and Bears, respectively for each marker.

As you can see on the front end, the Custom Field data is displayed in the marker infowindow,

Your Custom Field data will also be displayed in your pages Marker Listing, where enabled.

Custom Field Filtering

You can enable filtering on Custom Fields, these can be used with or without the Store Locator filtering, and Marker Listing filtering.

In order to filter on a Custom Field, you must firstly go to the Custom Fields page.

You must choose a filtering widget from here in order to enable filtering for each Custom Field you wish to filter on.

After you’ve picked a Filter Type, make sure you save your Custom Fields.

Once you have picked a Filter Type, go back to the map editor, and click on the “Marker Filtering” tab.

From this tab, you can pick which Custom Fields to enable filtering on for this map.

Check “Main Attraction” and then click “Save Map”.

On the front end, there will now be a text widget allowing your users to filter on this field.

Typing in “Bears” into this field will only show markers who’s Main Attraction field matches “Bears”.

WP Go Maps Pro 7 comes with a choice of three different filtering widgets.

  • Text – A plain text search
  • Dropdown – A combo box that aggregates all possible values
  • Checkboxes – A collection of checkboxes that also aggregate values

Here is an example of the Dropdown widget. It allows you to choose a single value from a list of all values aggregated on that field.

Here is an example of Checkboxes, this is similar to Dropdown, but will allow you to select multiple values from the field.

This feature can be used in conjunction with the Store Locator, Marker Listing, and where applicable, our Visitor Generated Marker add-on.

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