Creating a Carousel Marker Listing

The Marker Listing feature is available with the WP Go Maps Pro Add-on. With the Pro Add-on, you can create Marker Listings in five modes, one of which is a Carousel. This documentation is current as of WP Go Maps version 6.4.

Enable the Carousel Marker Listing on Your Map

See WordPress Dashboard → Maps → Edit Map → Marker Listing Options

To enable the Carousel Marker Listing for a particular Map, click the Edit link below the Map name in your list of Maps and then click the Marker Listing Options tab. Once on that tab, click the Carousel style next to Marker Listing Style as shown in the screenshot below, then click the Save Map button.

Carousel Marker Listing Settings

See WordPress Dashboard → Settings → Marker Listing → Carousel Marker Listing

Carousel Settings

Hide Certain Marker Options

You can choose to hide the following Marker options in your Carousel Marker Listing.

  • Image
  • Title
  • Marker Icon
  • Address
  • Description
  • Marker Link
  • Directions Link

These options are Enabled or Disabled by clicking the toggle button next to the option. The button is gray if the option is Disabled and blue if the option is Enabled. Remember, enabling the option will hide it in your Carousel Marker Listing.

The following screenshot shows what each option looks like and where the option is located in a Carousel Marker Listing.

Resize Images

You can choose to automatically resize your images using this toggle switch. Enabling the switch will resize your images while disabling it will show the images

Lazyload Images

Enabling lazyload for images causes the images to be loaded only as they enter the viewscreen. This can improve your initial page load speed dramatically depending on various factors (image size, server speed, User’s download speed,etc…) by not loading every image in the Carousel when the page loads initially.


Enabling Autoheight causes all of the Carousel elements to be displayed at the same height.  

Disabling Autoheight allows Carousel elements to shrink or grow depending on content size.


The Enable pagination toggle.

Carousel Marker Listing Themes

Theme Selection

Select the desired theme from the dropdown box shown below.








This article covered Creating a Carousel Marker Listing for the WP Go Maps Pro Addon. If you need further assistance, feel free to post on our Support Forums or visit our Support Desk.

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