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Google Maps API introduces new pricing changes

If you haven’t already heard, Google Maps have made some big changes to the way they allow the use of their Google Maps API, which our WP Go Maps plugin depends on. In short, the following is important to note: All accounts now require a linked credit card in the Google API Console All users will get


WP Google Maps – Latest Release

WP Go Maps has recently released a handful of exciting updates. Although WP Go Maps has never been shy of comprehensive functionality, these updates introduce some handy, new features. Our focus for this batch of updates revolved around the importance of our users and making their experience with our map plugin the best possible experience.


Knowing what you want & knowing how to ask for it

Andrew Lima, owner of ARCTEK technologies, has been using WordPress for around 5 years. Andrew serves as one of our Support Engineers for CODECABIN_ plugins such as  WP Go Maps and WP Live Chat Support, where only exceptional is standard practice. WordPress is so much more than a content management system; it’s a community, it’s

WP Google Maps 1000 Reviews

1000 reviews today!

Today we celebrate a huge milestone – 1000 reviews! I launched the plugin back in January 2012, nearly 5 years ago. Ever since day one, the focus has been on the customer. The idea then was that if you provide a good product with amazing support, you should gain the momentum needed to grow the product and push