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Digital Maps and Privacy Concerns: What You Need to Know

In 1980, the world started seeing a huge shift from tradition towards what some refer to as the digital revolution. Also known as the fourth industrial revolution, this era focuses a lot on the development of artificial intelligence (AI). When it comes to data collection and interpretation, this technology plays an incredibly important role. However,


When Paper Maps Beat Digital Maps: Real-World Scenarios

We’re hearing a lot of whispers going on in the world of maps (albeit perhaps a small world). People are debating whether paper maps have become obsolete or if, in fact, we should consider just the opposite – do they take preference over their digital counterparts? After all, there are still many predictions about the


The Reliability Debate: When Technology Fails, Do Paper Maps Prevail?

Over the years, maps have progressed, regressed, evolved, and everything in between. When we look back on the history of maps, cartography is an ever-changing field of study with new developments coming to light each year. Today, we’ve come a long way from those 10-foot-long foldable maps that seemed to take a degree in origami

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The Future of Digital Maps: 12 Predictions for the Next Decade

When we look back at the history of maps, it’s amazing to see how far it’s come. From cave drawings and navigating directions using stars to easy, mobile-friendly maps that we carry with us on our day-to-day outings, maps have evolved in leaps and bounds.  We’ve touched on the history of maps, from paper to