Nick Duncan

Nick Duncan is the founder and lead developer of WP Google Maps, WP Live Chat Support, Nifty Desk and many other plugins. Nick has been coding for the last 15 years and is passionate about WordPress, coffee and business.

We’re phasing out Timthumb

As I’m sure you are aware, Timthumb has been riddled with issues in the past few years. Some of these issues have been severe and this has caused the lead developer of Timthumb to essentially lose interest and stop maintaining his product. It’s a pity as it was a great product. With that being said,

Challenge: On hover over element changes map centre and zoom

In this Challenge, we will be demonstrating how you can add a non-map element to your page or website, so as to manipulate the map center and zoom on hover. As this is a non-map entity, you can place it in your header, your footer or even as a link or button above or below

Create a Map and Marker Using Custom Fields

This article covers Create a Map and Marker Using Custom Fields with the WP Go Maps Pro Add-on. This feature requires WP Go Maps Pro. This documentation is current for WP Go Maps version 6. Note: You’ll need to edit a page/post, enable custom fields at the top of the page and then enter in

WP Google Maps Pro version 5.44

Changelog: Code refactoring within the main class Infowindow styling improvements (attempt at minimizing scrollbars and including more classes and structure to the infowindow) Fixed the bug whereby the marker listing table was not ending correctly Added compatibility for maps displaying within Elegant Builder tabs Added title/description search options and functionality to the store locator (beta)

Marker Listing Display

This article covers displaying the Marker Listing on either side of the Map with WP Go Maps Pro. The Custom CSS feature discussed is available with the free version of WP Go Maps, but Marker Listings require the WP Go Maps Pro Addon. This documentation is current for WP Go Maps version 6. Marker Listing

Pro Version 4.10b released

I’ve been hard at work trying to get out some new functionality for WP Go Maps. Version 4.10b has the following: Added Polygon functionality Added Polyline functionality Markers can now be sorted by id,title,description or address Added better support for jQuery versions Plugin now works out the box with jQuery tabs Added standards for the