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Add descriptions, images, custom marker icons and directions to your maps!

Add descriptions, images, custom marker icons and directions to your maps!

Purchase the Professional Edition of WP Google Maps today and experience the following features:

  • Add Descriptions, Links and Pictures to your markers
  • Create Multiple maps!
  • Let your users get Directions to your markers
  • Add Categories to your markers and dynamically filter them on your map
  • Mashup multiple maps
  • List your markers below your map
  • Export your markers to a CSV file for quick editing
  • Add animations to your markers!
  • Fully responsive (mobile ready)
  • KML/GeoRSS support
  • Use custom images for your marker icons
  • Add polygons and polylines to you map
  • Add Store Locator functionality to your map
  • Supports Fusion Tables
  • Latest Google Maps API
  • Drag and zoom to save your map location
  • Virtually unlimited markers
  • Quick email support


Over 6 500 websites use WP Google Maps. Read some of the reviews.

WP Google Maps is the most popular WordPress Mapping Solution.

License Description Price Support
3 Site License Use the plugin on up to 3 different sites and:

$19.99 Quick email support. Access to updates and support forever.
Developer License Use the plugin on as many sites as you wish.Plus get the following plugins for free! (Worth $110+):

Quick email support. Access to updates and support forever!
Bundled Package Get the following! (Worth $175+):

Quick email support. Access to updates and support forever!
* Your download link will be immediately emailed to you as soon as the payment is complete. (Please check your Junk folder too)

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What our clients have to say

Nick, I wanted to let you know that your WP Google Maps plugin incorporated seamlessly into my hiking blog and to send my appreciation for putting together such an easy to use, yet powerful mapping tool which has added the impact I was looking for – best of luck with it
David Lowe, Tokyo
Integrates perfectly with WP 3.5.1.
Maps are fully "responsive" for mobile browsers. I'm using iThemes mobile-responsive "Builder" themes, work perfectly with this plugin.
Pages and posts load very quickly with this plugin as compared to other Google Map plugins.
Possible to place multiple unique markers on maps.
The free plugins that come with the Pro version are amazing - Gold version, Visitor-generated markers, Live-Chat plugin.
The whole plugin and the backend Settings has a great feel of professionalism and user-friendliness.
Highly recommended.
Other Google map plugins load up to 314 marker icons, whether you want them or not, causing my host to warn me of excessive files on my quota. With this plugin you only upload what you need.
I simply can't think of any improvements! Well done, guys!

Paul Toschi, New Zealand
Great product that helped me streamline the task at hand and provides me with quick and easy rapid deployment. Furthermore, the customer service provided is top in class and always available as needed. Thank you Nick for your fine product!!
Eric Blanchard, Aransas Pass
Just wanted to send a quick note... Thanks for the great plugin. I purchased a similar plugin on codecanyon, which is usually where I go to get great plugins but was not very happy with it after installation. So I continued to look around and found your product, I love it!!
John Edwards, California


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