Store Locator

Store Locator

The Store Locator allows you to view markers near the address or ZIP code you have inputted. You have the choice of changing it from Kilometers to Miles.

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In the demo below, try typing in “Wisconsin” and select the range to 300 miles.

ZIP / Address:
To Rent
For Sale
Title Category Address Description
762 Toronto For Sale Toronto
761 Austin To Rent Austin, Minneapolis
760 Rochester To Rent,For Sale Rochester, Minneapolis
759 Wasau To Rent Wasau, Wisconsin
758 Traverse City For Sale Traverse City, Michigan
757 Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant, Michigan
756 Neenah Neenah, Wisconsin Is this close to you?
755 This is Wisconsin For Sale Wisconsin Description goes here...


License Description Price Support
3 Site License Use the plugin on up to 3 different sites. $19.99 Quick email support. Access to updates and support forever.
Developer License Use the plugin on as many sites as you wish.Plus get the following plugins for free! (Worth $110+):

Quick email support. Access to updates and support forever!

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