Map with markers listed below – Advanced

Advanced Marker Listing

The advanced method allows you to search for markers which updates the marker listing in real-time. Once you click on a marker, the relevant marker within the map is displayed. You can use this method of displaying your marker list for thing such as:

  • Zip code searching
  • Searching for a store near you (by typing in your area)
  • Handling large amounts of markers

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Germany Germany Germany
Post code: 80333
Tel: +49-6100 555-3
This is a test marker description
My Holiday Dream Hawaii Post code: 96701
China China Post code: 10
The Pyramids Egypt Post code: 1236
Tacos? Mexico Post code: 56230
The United States of America USA Use the search feature above to find what you're looking for.
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Developer License Use the plugin on as many sites as you wish.Plus get the following plugins for free! (Worth $110+):

Quick email support. Access to updates and support forever!

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